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Millencolin album Life On A Plate released 22 years ago

Millencolin album Life On A Plate was released 22 years ago , on October 11, 1995. 

Speedy, melodic, skatepunk of "Bullion" and "Softworld" to the clever, well-constructed pop/ska of "Story Of My Life" this disk firmly established Millencolin's catchy, original and creative style and marks their arrival on the US music scene. The cover artwork is an airbrush painting by the band's own Erik.

Check below Millencolin video to Story Of My Life song from Life On A Plate album

wtorek, 17 października 2017

This Is A Standoff announce BeUnited reunion tour in 2018

Canada skate punk This Is A Standoff are back and announce BeUnited reunion tour in 2018

The Sewer Rats release new video to "Waiting for a Letter" song

German 90s old-school pop-punk with witty tongue-in-cheek humor and a greasy yet stylish 50s vibe The Sewer Rats have released new video to their song "Waiting for a Letter". This song appears at band's new album Heartbreaks and Milkshakes released earlier this year.

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Guttermouth stream new song Ain't Life A Bitch

Guttermouth are streaming new song titled "Ain't Life A Bitch". The song is taken from a Halloween-themed compilation titled "Punk Rock Halloween - Loud, Fast & Scary".

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No Quarter

Listening this band is  like a trip down the memory lane for the 90s and early 2000 sound of skate punk with fast, catchy and melodic songs blend with full potential and maximum involvement. 

Melodic Punk Style

Band members:
Chris Ryan - vocals
Micka Martin -  drums
Lachlan Dennis -  guitar
Paul Clements -  guitar
Joshua Vaughan -  bass

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Aussie skate punk band No Quarter active since 2003 influenced with Pennywise, Millencolin and Lagwagon. 

Freedom (2017)
02.One Hundred Metres 
03.Abandon Ship! This Fucker's Sinking 
04.The Air Up There 
05.Second Rate 
07.Bottle Tops and Jameson Shots 
10.The Devil's Greatest Trick Was Convincing The World He Didn't Exist 
11.The Biblical Retelling Of Vesa The Finnish Chuck Norris 
12.Lost Boyz 4 Eva 

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Lodestar (2010)
01.American Colony 
02.Final Days 
04.Trick Photography 
05.Matt's Song 
06.Lost Life 

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Implants stream new song The Ghost Of 1893

Cleopatra Records just released a new compilation Punk Rock Halloween – Loud, Fast &Scary. It features 27 Halloween-themed songs. At this compilation you can listen new song from US skate punk band Implants.

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Pennywise will release new album early 2018

Good news Pennywise fans! Jim Lindberg told Punkanormalactivity that new album is done recording and could hopefully be released early 2018.